So I have some incredibly exciting news. I’ve officially put up my car for sale *squeals in excitement*. I’ve been tossing around the idea of living in the heart of the city for far too long now and I just couldn’t wait any longer – I had to take some action and make #ColomboLiving a reality! So my beautiful baby is now on the market and the best part is that I don’t even regret it. These are big steps to take but I’m much more excited than I am afraid!

This move is going to be a huge change to both my personal and professional lives and whilst I’m incredibly nervous for such a big step, I feel like it’s about time I moved on to Big Girl things y’know? Find an apartment I’m proud to call my own. A place where my friends don’t have to practically take a road trip to come see me and somewhere I can easily crash at after a long night out in Colombo! These are things that a woman of my caliber needs now, rather than wants, and I’m definitely up to tackle this next step in my life, head on.

I realize, though, that the money from the car sale probably won’t be enough to acquire the centrality, the connectivity and the convenience that I’ve been dreaming about for years so I’m definitely considering some loan options as well. I have a couple friends in banking that could help me choose something that’s most suitable for my lifestyle so that’s something that I need to look into more.

It would be great if I can settle for an installment plan or flexible loan repayments when I finally do purchase my apartment but I would need to get really lucky to catch such a good deal. A couple friends linked me to a few places but I think my best bet is Union Places which is definitely in demand right now and offers a lot of the things I’m looking for – like easy payment options and basically the future of living. I also came across this quirky, chic, new place called Tri-Zen which is definitely making it to my shortlist of apartments. I’ll link a couple places I found exceptionally interesting and you guys can tell me what you think of them too or just leave your thoughts on what my next move should be in the comments below.

Until then – Colombo Living, I’m one step closer to living the dream!

by Shehara de Silva