Guess who just walked in through the front door after 2 and a half hours stuck in traffic. This gal. These are the kind of days I just wish someone would give me a bundle of cash, a pat on the back and an apartment in the middle of Colombo – is that so much to ask for?

Speaking of which, though, I have started really thinking about the possibility of moving closer to civilization. These rush hours and daily road trips just aren’t gonna cut it for me anymore. “When Minutes Matter, Live Where You Work and Play”, right? I want to move in to the city—actually live in Colombo. Places like Colombo 2 are a stone’s throw from many business hubs, entertainment, amenities, services and activities so that would cut down not only my travel time but my travel expenditures as well. If I start living in the Heart of The City, I won’t even need a car – so I can say goodbye to those cumbersome car payments and fuel bills! Many of my friends are also telling me that I should not look at buying a home as an expenditure, but rather, an investment. Because for one, a Colombo 2 apartment will not only appreciate in value, but a move would also reduce my carbon footprint and give me tonnes of time to focus on my own health and well-being , so what is the real downside here?

On a practical level, finding a good apartment would be difficult. It’s a lot of hard work and quite a large investment to make – not to mention my severe case of Lazy-Girl would be difficult to get around – but weighing the pros and cons, moving to Colombo is a solution that brings convenience, social status and the Future of Living right to my fingertips. There’s quite a lot of connectivity, accessibility and ease because everything I need is just outside my door.

There is, however, something else I have to keep in mind. If this is a thought that has occurred to me, everyone else must surely be thinking about it too, right? Colombo is selling out fast, investment opportunities are ever-depleting and if I wait too long, there’s a chance that I might miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! I should definitely get started on that much-anticipated apartment hunt and prepare to bid adieu to a large portion of my worries!

by Shehara de Silva