“Hey Alexa, play me some Diplo” you say, as you chop up some onions for a delicious stir fry in your posh new high-rise Colombo apartment. Feeling like something straight out of a Black Mirror episode yet? Welcome to the Future of Living! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched some Sci-fi Hollywood mumbo jumbo and wondered when we would actually start talking to our power sockets, but ironically, we’ve been in that era for a while now! The other day I walked into an electronic store and the owner just spoke to Alexa to turn down the volume, I was amazed to say the least.

In a world that’s fast paced and ever-evolving, it’s no surprise that as of January 2018,of the 7.593 billion of us currently existing on this planet, 4.021 billion are internet users in some form or the other, and there 5.135 billion unique mobile users. Honest, check it out:

So I did some research and looked at ways in which I could get in on this bandwagon because let’s be real, the world is just moving forward with our technology and there’s no point fighting it anymore. Soon we’ll have flying cars and talking lamp posts but until then, here are things we can incorporate into our daily lives that will make living faster, more convenient and cost-effective in the long-run.

Smart Hub

Connecting through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Zee Wave technologies, smart hubs create a central hub that you can control all your compatible devices with. Whilst top-notch brands like the Samsung Smart Hub helps you search and access content quickly and easily on your TV, phone, or tablet, the Wink Hub 2 controls elements in your home such as lights, power and security.

Been a long night and too lazy to get out of bed? Switch off your lights from the comfort of your duvet. Love your early morning pot of coffee? Have it brew and bubble while you take a shower!

Smart Lights

The ambience of a place is all in the lighting – trust me. Now imagine an instance when you bring home a date and you need to set the mood. Or when you have friends over and the music is pumping. What better way to alleviate your home than with an easy-access, customizable lighting system that will gladly do your bidding? With brands like the Philips Hue that is compatible with most phones and has a speaker system as well, you can adjust your strobe lights or create your own low-light escapade with a simple swipe of your screen – need I say more?

Air Purification

Air pollution is a major problem in metropolitan cities like Colombo and whilst we’re all taking steps in reducing our carbon footprint, it really wouldn’t hurt to install an effective air purification system in your home. It’s just that much better for your lungs, your skin and you mental well-being!

Smart Speakers

Whilst the uber cool portable JBL speakers may have been the reason every party in your 20s was lit, your 30s call for something a little more refined. Think surround sound home theatre systems in your very own Colombo apartment – better music, better movies and much better parties that you yourself can host!

But that’s not it – with Smart Speakers, the possibilities of customizing a connected lifestyle are endless. With incredible devices like the Apple Homepod, Google Home or Amazon Echo, you have your very own personal assistant service to set alarms, make calls, browse the internet, read out recipes and so much more!

Smart Outlets

These handy little gadgets that can be placed around your house can turn your everyday appliances into smart devices. Plug a Smart Outlet into your wall outlet and easily switch on your A/C, boil your water and microwave your breakfast all from the warmth of your bed. The latest technologically driven fad that’s stealing everyone’s hearts will have you bending the rules of convenience and ease.

Whilst these are exciting things to be incorporating into our daily lives, maintenance and after care is really important. You’ll have to find someone reliable and trust-worthy to be the supplier of a Smart Lifestyle (I hear the new Tri-Zen apartment complex is pretty spot on with this concept btw), and you’ll have to put in enough effort to keep Alexa (like any woman) happy! But #ColomboLiving isn’t far off from being just like a cool episode of Back to the Future – just gotta go get ‘em!