Cinema has always been a large part of Colombo’s culture. Cinema halls such as ​Savoy and Roxy (Savoy Premiere) are frequently visited Colombo hotspots and are an integral part of the entertainment sector in Sri Lanka. Despite the rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix these cinema halls still bring in the crowds and have always had their loyal patrons.

Colombo City Centre​ and ​One Galle Face​ have recently emerged and made themselves a part of Colombo culture introducing brands to the country and state of the art cinemas. Scope by CCC has several halls and always has a good variety of films to choose from making sure there is a show to suit everyone. PVR at One Galle Face has introduced the PVR playhouse the likes of which has never been seen before in the country. The cinemas boast the latest tech and it would seem like you do not merely watch a movie, but experience it firsthand almost as if you were actually a part of it.

Whether you are young or old, prefer the classics or the latest trends; cinemas in Colombo are assured to provide you with a memorable experience. The different cinemas are unique in their own ways and this makes them special and incomparable to each other. Cinemas are embedded in Colombo culture and despite your tastes, there will always be a cinema to provide you with a remarkable experience.