I dislike eating healthy. So while I am forced to have that mandatory home-made rice and curry, I also make it a point to pig out on all the fast food Colombo has to offer. My go to place would be Caramel Pumpkin. I don’t know what it is about that place, but the chilled out vibes and the funny menu really gets to me. Their “Better than KFC” (Yes, that’s exactly what the menu says) crispy chicken is hands down, the best crispy chicken Colombo has to offer! They serve it with ranch dressing and ketchup was long forgotten. Oh and also, their “The Breakup” Oreo milkshake is to die for.

Why Colombo can be considered the hub of food in Sri Lanka?

Colombo has almost anything and everything you can want to eat. You want waffles, Try the The Waffle Inc..Up for some strawberries are we? Jagro in like three locations. Mexican food? You already know what’s up, Let’s Taco Colombo. Got your monthly girl thing and want to stuff your face with some gooey chocolate cake with the girls? Butter Boutique, man. I’m sure you all have your own places to satisfy the foodie in you, but these are just some places that make me happy knowing it exists. And the best part? It’s only like a tuk ride away.

Food in Colombo for the rich and the broke

Pay day usually leaves me feeling like I got purple blood. A week and a half later, I am back to being the chick with just enough money to survive until the next pay day rolls around. When this happens, I’m usually just killing brain cells trying to figure out what I could have possibly done with all that cash. Spent it all on food, that’s what. I could have easily bought that Charles and Keith handbag I’ve had my eye on all month but No! I’ll have one brownie for lunch please. There goes the first 500. And all the other 500’s to follow.

I go from having Plunkett Posh kotthu to cyver kade kotthu. All in a matter of 12 days. But what’s comforting is, knowing that being broke in Colombo does not mean you will ever miss out on good food. There’s this little shop near my house, honestly don’t know what the name of it is but the ‘taka taka’sound starts by 8 and I get my cheese kotthu by 9. Hot, cheesy and amazing! Cheap food really is good. Oh and let’s not forget those podi vade in the little carts by the Wine Stores please. They deserve a shout out. I used to be obsessed with the Oreo cheesecake from Java. I remember calling them up and asking if they deliver and I was so disappointed with the “Sorry ma’am, we don’t” on the other end of the line. But it’s 2018. They do have delivery and even if they didn’t, there’s just too many food pick up services now where you do not even have anything to worry about. Quickee.lk is my personal favorite. And have you noticed how quick the pizza hut delivery boys are? I never have to make complaints anymore about cold pizza now guys. Colombo really upped their delivery game in the past year, woot woot. Yes, another perk of the Colombo lifestyle and probably the best thing to happen to Colombo since the rolled ice cream…

While life in Colombo may not be perfect, the food here certainly is. And that’s definitely more than enough reason to make me love the city I call home.